Sacred Wayshowers is a way of life centred to your heart and soul’s ‘calling’  –  a Pathway of Love’s Grace.

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It is a sacred union that infuses the frequencies of ‘strength and grace’ in a spaciousness held in love and light by fellow ‘wayshowers’ that offer encouragement for you to fully reclaim your essence to a creative and spirited vibrant life — awakening your soul-being to authentic radical transformation.

Sacred Wayshowers follow the divine whisperer’s guidance to ignite the inner child-light mystic within you; to celebrate the wisdom-bearer within you; and to anchor the intuitive healing channel within you.

As you surrender to becoming a conduit of Love’s Grace, you enter a self-directed pathway attuned with your sacred guide to fully realize the self-less soul-being in you that awaits total freedom and mastery to being a Sacred Wayshower.

“For one is the many, and the many as One.”



About Us

Sacred Way Vision


Sacred Wayshowers upholds the vision of an interrelated pathway through Love’s Grace anchored in loving-kindness, compassion and humility of the Christ Consciousness. We envision a commune of wayshowers that encourage, respect, and honor the unfolding of heartfelt intelligence and creative spirit – which has always been present – to all altruistic beings in a nurturing relationship with all of creation.


We resonate in the mission to love, create, and extend the pathway of Love’s Grace.

With love, everything shines forth and co-creation births possibilities – to extend and multiply good intentions and to contribute in the seeding of light and awaken the sacred heart of humanity; and help cultivate and nurture the awakened quality essence of Soul Friends living the mission of Love’s Grace.


We embrace all that is Love; all that is Loving; all that is Lovable; the One and All pure essential nature of Love – that is who we truly are!

We center and align our core values to activate:

  • Spiritual Mindfulness
  • Personal Transformation
  • Creative Artful Living
  • Radiant Compassion for Creation
  • Community Engagements

“Stop acting so small.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi


The ultimate practice then is being a bear witness in the transcendence of life’s mediocre existence into an enriching, authentic, genuine reality of living in Love’s Grace.

To have discipline and practice like the fisherfolks whose frequency of sensitivity are in tune with the entity of the sea, the air. Also like the potter’s patience of molding an object from clay – the collaboration of elements: the earth, water, air, and fire of passion – to co-creating an art piece of love in form. The humility of a farmer surrendering to the power of the sun and having the faith as small as a mustard seed yet instrumental in the alchemical miracle and providence of Love’s Grace.

We invite you to our offerings of heartfelt and mindful practices.

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When we come to understand we are not separate with all of Creation, our faith effortlessly unfolds to renew our way of living to its original eternal state. And by doing so, that spark of courage awakens the inner wisdom-bearer within – the built-in wayshower that guides our return to Love.

And as we embrace surrender to Love’s Grace and trust its teachings, in the moment of awakening remembrance, our experience becomes the teaching tool and the Heart as the compass that directs our Mind and Creative Intelligence.

Here at Sacred Wayshowers, we honor the wisdom-bearers and wayshowers who paved the way ahead of us… and as to where we are now, our time has ripened too, to share and help facilitate the emergence of every being’s desire to a fulfilling and purposeful creative life.

You are a wayshower. We celebrate your becoming.

Elle Divine

Wayshower Wisdom-bearer, Intuitive Initiator, Artist-Writer (more…)


Wayshower Global Pilgrim, Mystic and Guru (more…)

Ra’z Sal

Wayshower Mentor, Creative Visionary, Scribe, and Educator (more…)


We envision and co-create our programs and retreats with two words in mind: Immerse and Emerge.

Although time-space may influence the process of deeper engagement to the core of one’s being, we hold space for the willingness of another to immerse in practices and guidance through the Pathway of Love’s Grace and then support the buoyant soul-being to emerge in a renewed sense of beingness.

We co-create a resonant energy field where every sacred being in a group commune is supported and heard; and also offer a solemn space to contemplate in all-oneness of wonder and beauty.

We dedicate time, creativity, love, excitement, joy, and care to every soulful convergence. Come, join the circle. Continue reading “Workshops”

Love’s Grace in Action

Sacred Wayshowers are driven by heartfelt compassion to multiply the happiness of Love’s Grace. It is in our nature to extend the overflowing inspiration within us and express it through acts of loving-kindness in ways we can fulfill the spirit of ‘servant-leadership’ or in the words of Bob Dylan, “…for the first one now will later be last, for the times they are a-changin’…” 

We have vast involvements with different community engagements while we cultivate our homegrown initiatives which are: Abwoon CreativeLab and Gugma Gaia.

If you wish to get involved with our outreach programs or become a heart-friend support crew by gifting a donation, your generosity will be much appreciated and multiplied in action with smiling faces.

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