About Us

Sacred Way Vision


Sacred Wayshowers upholds the vision of an interrelated pathway through Love’s Grace anchored in loving-kindness, compassion and humility of the Christ Consciousness. We envision a commune of wayshowers that encourage, respect, and honor the unfolding of heartfelt intelligence and creative spirit – which has always been present – to all altruistic beings in a nurturing relationship with all of creation.


We resonate in the mission to love, create, and extend the pathway of Love’s Grace.

With love, everything shines forth and co-creation births possibilities – to extend and multiply good intentions and to contribute in the seeding of light and awaken the sacred heart of humanity; and help cultivate and nurture the awakened quality essence of Soul Friends living the mission of Love’s Grace.


We embrace all that is Love; all that is Loving; all that is Lovable; the One and All pure essential nature of Love – that is who we truly are!

We center and align our core values to activate:

  • Spiritual Mindfulness
  • Personal Transformation
  • Creative Artful Living
  • Radiant Compassion for Creation
  • Community Engagements

“Stop acting so small.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi